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ATTENTION, to benefit from the advantages it is important to identify yourself

How to create my account

- Click on REGISTER at the top of the site on the right

- Fill in your profile with your details, and create your username and password, you will receive your password by email

- Then you can connect to your account by clicking on connection (the connection is made at the top of all the pages of the shop) and place your first order. The price will then be crossed out throughout the store and the discounted price will be indicated.

- You can already start immediately and prepare your future discounts
Important and growing discounts. The amount of your purchases accumulates in your account throughout the year, and thus as you make your purchases, you automatically benefit from progressive discounts on all your following purchases

  • From 0€ to 500€ of purchases: 6% discount immediately
  • After purchasing for 500 Euros you will benefit from 10% discount on the following orders
  • After purchasing for 1000 Euros you will benefit from 12% discount on the following orders
  • After purchasing for 2000 Euros you will benefit from 15% discount on the following orders
  • After purchasing for 3000 Euros you will benefit from 18% discount on the following orders

The loyalty program applies to all products in the store on the site
Purchase volumes are calculated including VAT but excluding shipping costs
Switching from one threshold to another cannot be done within the same command

Example: when an order exceeds the cumulative purchase volume of €500, the 10% discount will be granted on the following orders only, once all the previous orders have been paid for.

• The program discounts cannot be combined with any other existing discount (commercial or professional discount, destocking, special promotions, etc.).
•Purchase volumes made on products discounted differently do not count for the loyalty program.

Javapublishing reserves the right to modify the program or to terminate it unilaterally and at any time. Javapublishing will make reasonable efforts to notify its customers if it decides to terminate the program. Javapublishing will not incur any pecuniary, legal or other liability in the event of modification or deletion of the program

The loyalty program is done over 12 months then the program starts again at ZERO

Update 18/13/2022