Charter e-Commerce

 E-Commerce Charter

has signed the charter "commitments to quality e-Commerce" since 04/24/2013.

Certification N ° CQEC2013-160.

Only e-merchants who adhere to the 10 points and demonstrate a voluntary approach and a solemn commitment to comply with demanding rules and good practices of online sales are entitled to affix this logo quality. adheres to the 10 points of the quality e-commerce charter below:
You will always get an answer to your questions within 12 hours. You will see that we love our job, which is why you can count on our availability. Sharing our know-how and product knowledge with you is a real pleasure. You will be glad to be informed about the benefits and the quality of the items we have selected for you.
You will observe that we make it a point of honor to ensure consistency between the description of the articles and their real nature. This is why, the photos are contractual. We are (just like you), buyers in everyday life, and we hardly appreciate, (like you), the sellers who manipulate the content of their site and take advantage of your trust.
The right to privacy on the Internet is a serious subject. Your personal data is used only to process your order, it is in no way transmitted to third parties or used in the sending of unsolicited mail.
You will receive your ordered items within the delivery times indicated for each product. However, when possible we will love to deliver items to you faster than advertised.
For your safety, the selection of our suppliers is rigorous. We are sensitive to quality and make sure that none of the items in our catalog are counterfeit.
If you want to know more about the delivery of your order, if an item did not suit you, or if you change your mind about your purchase within 14 days, you can reach us by phone (not surcharged) in order for us share the action you want to take on your order. Your request will be processed as quickly as possible, and at the latest within the deadlines set out in our GTC.
It is, moreover, quite normal that you will be reimbursed for the articles and the shipping costs for any return due to our responsibility (whatever the period elapsed following delivery), or for articles unavailable more than 30 days after the usual delivery time.
To improve your experience your shopping experience on our site and for your comfort, we make sure to stay informed on the latest developments in legislation and ecommerce technologies.
This point is not a "fashionable" clause but an essential point. If you are sensitive to the ecological impact of our activities, know that we are also working, and as best as possible, to protect and preserve our environment, to leave a clean and sustainable planet for our children.
Finally, know that your safety is at the heart of our concerns. To ensure that your purchase is made under the best possible security conditions, transactions are secured by SSL encryption (https: // padlock closed) and meet the requirements of very strict standards to protect you - in no case your card numbers. credits are not stored or communicated to third parties.