With three first growths classified in 1855 and a plethora of other grands crus, Pauillac stands out as the heart of Médoc. Here, Cabernet Sauvignon reigns supreme and gives these notes so characteristic of cassis, cedar wood and spices. The great wines of Pauillac are also distinguished by a good structure and power that reveals, over time, great elegance and finesse, especially in the most mature millimes. The style of Pauillac wines varies between the austerity of a Château Latour and the flexibility of a Château Lafite-Rothschild.No less than 18 châteaux of Pauillac were classified in 1855. They cover a large part of the appellation and leave little room for small castles whose prices would be more affordable. Fortunately the second wines (or the third wines), in the big or the small vintages, are sometimes good deals. The great wines are themselves to be consumed occasionally if only to see what is used as reference to the best wines. of the whole world. With a few exceptions, like Mouton Rothschild producing a white wine. Pauillac produces red wines

2008 Prélude à Grand-Puy Ducasse Pauillac Bordeaux

Prélude à Grand-Puy Ducasse Pauillac Bordeaux
Prélude à Grand-Puy Ducasse Pauillac Bordeaux
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Prélude à Grand-Puy Ducasse is a real introduction to pleasure. As meticulously elaborated as its elder, Château Grand-Puy Ducasse, but from younger vines, it has all the delicacy, aromas and harmony without having to wait for it
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