Brouilly Château des Tours Brouilly for sale in cellar-cellar
2017 Château des Tours Brouilly Beaujolais

2017 Château des Tours Brouilly

Château des Tours Brouilly
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Châ&teau des Tours Brouilly

It is the joy of a table. Its beautiful red color, its lightness, its fruitiness, its spring aromas: everything about it brightens and invigorates. Although relatively modest, Beaujolais still honors guests and is suitable for family meals, business lunches or dinners with friends. It is one of the appellation wines the most consumed across France and if it knows a few fierce detractors, its lovers are more numerous and just as fierce.

Pleasant and easy-drinking wine like the Mâcon, but which the creation of the Saint-Véran appellation has somewhat plunged into oblivion

Pleasant and fruity, it is hardly produced.
Beaujolais-Villages are Beaujolais Supérieurs (same yield, same minimum titrations), coming from a selected production area and limited to the municipalities of: Chanes, La Chapelle-de-Guinchay, Leynes, Pruzilly, Romanèche-Thorins, Saint- AmourBellevue, Saint-Symphorien-d'Ancelles, SaintVérand, in the department of Saône-et-Loire, and of: Arbuissonnas, Beaujeu, Blacé, Cercié, Charentay, Chénas, Chiroubles, Denicé, Durette, Emeringes, Fleurie, Juliénas, Jullié, Lancié, Lantignié, Montmelas, Odenas. Saint-Etienne des-Ouillères, Saint-Etienne-la-Varenne, SaintJulien, Saint-Lager, Salles, Vaux, Villié-Morgon, in the Rhône department.

These communes of Beaujolais-Villages appellation can also add their name to that of Beaujolais, which few of them practice, preferring the more commercial Beaujolais-Villages name. Fuller and more robust, Beaujolais-Villages, if they can be drunk young and even new, agree to age 2 and 3 years in the bottle. Their Beaujolais character asserts itself at the same time as the wine grows.

Brouilly: Straddling the towns of Odenas, Saint Lager. Cercié. Charentay, Saint-Etienne la-Varenne and Quincié, it is the most extensive cru of Beaujolais. It occupies the lower slopes of the mountain of Brouilly, encircling the Côte de Brouilly.
Brouilly wines are fleshy, fruity and full of sap in their youth.