2020 Morgon Château de Corcelles Beaujolais

Morgon Château de Corcelles
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It was in the 15th century that Antoine de Laye began the reconstruction of the Château de Corcelles on the foundations of an old stronghold built in the Carolingian period. The Douby River, which flows at the foot of the Château, marked the boundary between the dioceses of Autun and Lyon, the counties of Burgundy and Beaujolais. From 1984, the Richard family took over the prestigious 92-hectare estate offering Gamay a diversity of terroirs, the jewel of which is the Morgon cru.
Aromas of ripe fruit and mineral notes are revealed on the nose. The palate is firm, with elegance and lovely freshness.

Grape: Gamay
Taste and flavor: Powerful and full-bodied
Alcohol content: 13°

It will go perfectly with meat dishes as well as cheeses. It is consumed at 12-14°C.

Morgon Château de Corcelles Region: Beaujolais
Appellation: AOP
Color: Red Wine
Grape variety: Gamay
Centralization: 0.75L
Taste and flavor: Powerful and robust
Alcohol level: 13%
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