2023 Domaine de Lucie Saint Amour | Cru du Beaujolais

Domaine de Lucie Saint Amour
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Domaine de Lucie - Saint-Amour

Beaujolais - Saint-Amour AOP

Saint-Amour is the northernmost cru of Beaujolais, located in Saône-et-Loire. Domaine Sainte Lucie was created in 1979 by Michel Fabre whose modern approach to wine combines a unique technique and the preservation of the authenticity of the estate. Its hillsides slope gently east-south-east towards the nearby Saône and the altitude varies from 250 to 470 meters
Winemaking is traditional, with manual harvesting and aging in cement vats.

The wine is light, fresh and refined, with aromas of fresh fruit and notes of violet. It’s a swirling and easy-drinking Saint-Amour.


Grape variety: Gamay
Taste and flavor: Light and fruity
Alcohol content: 13°
Allergen: Sulphites

Service advice
Serve at 13-15°C. Enjoy with beef bourguignon, stew, rack of lamb or coq au vin.

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