2020 Chinon Rouge Maison Raffault Les Lutinières

Chinon Maison Raffault Les Lutinières Chinon
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Chinon Les Lutinières red Maison Raffault. Sustained garnet color. Predominantly floral nose, with violet, raspberry and hints of pepper

To drink: * Young and fresh for the whites and rosés. * Reds can be kept from 3 to. . . 30 years old and can be enjoyed at 15 '

The wine of Rabelais and his glorious "sons" Gargantua and Pantagruel ... Isn't that enough to arouse curiosity and gluttony? Today in the minority, white and rosé wines, all young and very fresh, prove to be pleasant companions for summer meals. The reds, capable of aging almost as much as a man, are nevertheless delicious from the age of a few months. Full-bodied, ample, aromatic, Chinon is not just a wine for tasting. It is, it seems, the only one to keep its original color ... in a sauce.

This Period, where many kings of France resided, produced both white wines such as Vouvray and Montlouis (for centuries, these wines were popular with the Dutch) and red wines among which Chinon, dear to Rabelais , Bourgueil and Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil. But we must not forget for all that appellations which without having the same reputation, produce quality wines.