Bourgueil Catherine Pierre Breton Bourgueil for sale in cave-cellar.
Bourgueil Catherine Pierre Breton Bourgueil for sale in cave-cellar.

2020 Cuvée du Vieux Pressoir Bougueil

Saint-Nicolas de Bourgueil Cuvée du Vieux Pressoir Bourgueil
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The vineyard is located in St-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil on the right bank of the Loire on a soil made up of gravel and sand. Its territory enjoys a temperate climate with oceanic influence

Cuvée du vieux pressoir

Cuvée du Vieux Pressoir red wine Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil. Supple and light, with relief and fresh notes of pepper and raspberry

There is hardly any difference between Bourgueil and Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil, except, according to experts, a greater lightness in the wines of Saint-Nicolas. If the rosés of these terroirs are simply pleasant to drink, the reds can be considered as real great wines, worthy of our finest tables. Strawberries, raspberries, redcurrants, blackberries and blackcurrants: all the berries of summer seem to be present in these nuanced and delicate wines. Fresh when it is young, lightly chambered when the weight of the years flourishes, a Bourgueil from a good winegrower is always a gift from nature!

The red wines made from or made from Gamay and / or Grolleau are light and fruity wines, to be drunk young with cold cuts, grilled meats, white meats.
Chinon, Bourgueil and Saint Nicolas-de-Bourgueil are very distinctive wines with a characteristic bouquet reminiscent of raspberry (Bourgueil) or violet (Chinon). They can be drunk young if they come from light soils, they are then used on rillettes, Tours obviously poultry. . . served fresh with peaches or strawberries, they make a delicious and original dessert. Another pairing to try: the pot-au-feu and a young red Chinon. When produced on the slopes, they are well-structured wines that keep very well in good years (10/15 years and over). After a few years in bottles, the Chinon and Bourgueil wines from the slopes go well with: red meats, meats in sauce, game, cheeses, particularly young goats.