Bourgueil Prestige and Tradition Bourgueil for sale in cave-cellar
Bourgueil Prestige and Tradition Bourgueil for sale in cave-cellar

2020 Bourgueil Prestige and Tradition Bourgueil

Prestige & Tradition Val de Loire - Bourgueil AOP
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Bourgueil wine comes from a single grape variety, Cabernet Franc also called "Breton". The vineyard is arranged on sandy and granular soils. It benefits from a terroir enjoying a mild and temperate micro-climate.

Prestige et tradition

There is little difference between Bourgueil and Saint-Nicolas-de-Bourgueil, except, according to experts, a greater lightness in the wines of Saint-Nicolas. If, the rosés of these soils are simply pleasant to drink, the red ones, they, can be regarded as real great wines, worthy of our most beautiful tables. Strawberry, raspberry, currant, blackberry and blackcurrant: all the berries of summer appear in these nuanced and delicate wines. Fresh when young, slightly chambered when the weight of the years flourishes, a Bourgueil of a good winemaker is always a gift of nature!

The red wines from or based on Gamay and / or Grolleau are light and fruity wines, to be drunk young on charcuterie, grilled meats and white meats.
Chinon, Bourgueil and Saint Nicolas-de-Bourgueil are very distinctive wines with a characteristic bouquet reminiscent of raspberry (Bourgueil) or violet (Chinon). They can be drunk young if they come from light soils, they then use on the rillettes, Tours obviously poultry. . . served fresh with peaches or strawberries, they are a delicious and original dessert. Another agreement to try: the pot-au-feu and a young red Chinon. When they are produced on the slopes they are well structured wines that keep very well in the good years (10/15 years and more). After a few years of bottles, the Chinon and Bourgueil hills come well with: red meats, meats in sauce, game, cheese, especially young goats