Domaine Saint Julien les Vignes of Provence, for sale in cave-cellar.
Domaine Saint Julien les Vignes of Provence, for sale in cave-cellar.

2018 Saint Julien les Vignes Rosé of Provence.

2019 Domaine Saint Julien Les Vignes rosé

    48:00 / 6 days
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Saint Julien les Vignes

Character of wines - pairing with dishes

The wines have, obviously, different characters from one appellation to another. But this is also the case within the same appellation. This is particularly true for A.C. Côtes de Provence which extends on nearly 20 000 hectares.

• White wines, to be drunk young with the exception of certain Bellet wines, are generally fresh, supple and aromatic, they go perfectly with seafood, fish soups, pesto soup, bouillabaisse, grilled fish , shells and crustaceans. The best wines of the different A.O.C. accompany the rich and elaborate fish dishes.

• Some pink are dry. fruity and elegant. You have to drink them young. They can be served on the same dishes as the white wines but also on the meats prepared simply, the cold cuts, the pissaladière, etc. Do not hesitate to put the biggest of them on more elaborate preparations: fine fish, poultry, rack of lamb ...

• Red wines are multiple, some are fond of, fruity and supple. They must then be drunk young and served on grilled meats, stewed mutton, packed feet ... Others more particularly the red wines of Bellet, Cassis, Coteaux d'Aix and especially the wines Bandol have a good aging ability. For I AO.C. Bandol. The main grape variety, Mouvedre, produces wines rich in tannin. They must be aged in oak casks for at least 18 months, and it is only after a few years of bottle that they are fully engaged. They find their place on dishes in sauce (Provencal stew ... ), duck or rabbit with olives, game, cheese ...

These wine and food pairings should not be limited to Provençal specialties only. It is understood that these wines can accompany different types of cuisine, especially the specialties of the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Greek cuisine, Lebanese, etc.

As we have already seen, the rosés of this region have long been considered as "holiday wines". In recent years, great efforts have been made by the winemakers of the region to offer rosé wines that have their place on all tables including the most prestigious.

Rosé wines and white wines are served between 8 and 10 ° C. Light and soft reds at 14/15 ° C between 16 and 18 ° C.

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