Cordier Labottiere Prestige Rouge Bordeaux
2018 Cordier Labottiere Prestige Rouge Bordeaux

2018 Red Cordier Labottiere Prestige Bordeaux

2018 Cordier Labottiere Prestige Rouge Bordeaux
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Accord mets et vins
Ce vin sait mettre en valeur les viandes rouges et la volaille, un plateau de fromages affinés mais aussi des tartes aux fruits rouges ou encore des mousses au chocolat.

Food and wine
This wine knows how to highlight red meats and poultry, a matured cheese platter but also red fruit tarts or even chocolate mousse.

Faithful representative of the finesse of the blend of grape varieties Bordeaux, Cordier Labottière Prestige has a rich nose,characterized by the aromas of red fruit jam, spices sweet and cocoa nuances, lightly roasted. His mouth ample and powerful is fleshy, fresh and fruity.

VinificationA little Cabernet Sauvignon to establish a fresh structure, lots of Merlot for a velvety feel. Ropemaker
Labottière Prestige benefits from a selection of plots and a twelve months aging in new barrels (French oak) which impart a lot of charm and elegance. We are in the great Bordeaux tradition, that of deep, balanced wines,

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