2014 Château Beau Site Haut Vignoble Saint-Estèphe

Château Beau Site Haut Vignoble
1 x 750ml
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Château Beau Site Haut-Vignoble Early flowering in a warm, low-humidity climate is rapid and uniform. July is humid with peaks of
heat allow an active growth of the vine as well as an optimal development of the berries.
Veraison begins at the end of July in the early sectors. The good weather, from the end of August, allows the grapes to ripen completely. The thermal amplitudes between the day and the night favor the concentration and the preservation of the aromas.
hot and dry.
The wine we produce is a wine for aging, so depending on the vintages from two to five years, it takes the tannic structure to become harmonious and the aromas to be exalted. It can then be fully appreciated as it evolves.