2018 Hipster de Barbe Château de Barbe Côte de Bourg

2016 Hipster de Barbe Château de Barbe Côte de bourg
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Château de Barbe se vende aquí. Margen derecha del Garona y Dordoña con vistas a Margaux. Los vinos que aquí se producen son de gran calidad y con una muy buena relación calidad-precio.

Los Côtes de Bourg se pueden considerar vinos de semi crianza, para beber entre 4 y 8 años. Son excelentes con carnes rojas, bistec bordelés por ejemplo. Se cata a una temperatura de 16°C tras un breve paso por garrafa.Hipster de Barbe es un vino denso, de entrada ágil y fondo sedoso pero profundo, bastante redondo y de taninos finos con grano, algunos en según los terroirs. son mas carnosos

Hipster de Barbe Château de Barbe

Château de Barbe spreads its vineyard over 66 hectares from the top of the hillsides to the Gironde estuary, a terroir favoring the cultivation of vines thanks to its climate. This estate takes us back to the 14th century, when it was already planted with vines as evidenced by the archives of the Duvergier, Marquis de Barbe, whose family owned the castle until 1774. The latter was then sold then burned during the revolution and finally rebuilt in 1790 at the same time as the Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux by the architect Victor Louis. The Savary de Beauregard family owned it until the acquisition in 1993 by the Richard family. The estate's productions are distinguished by fruity, fleshy and elegant wines which regularly receive distinctions.
The berries are destemmed and sorted during vatting. This is followed by cold pre-fermentation maceration and then vatting for 3 weeks to 1 month. Aging takes place in vats. The Hipster de Barbe vintage comes from clay-limestone soil. The Merlot present there undergoes moderate water stress which allows the grapes to reach optimal maturity.
The wine has a beautiful body, fleshy and velvety, with well-coated tannins. The nose blossoms with notes of sweet spices and prunes.

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