Coste Clavelle Rouge Côtes du Rhône Villages
2018 Coste Clavelle Rouge Côtes du Rhône Villages

2018 Coste Clavelle Rhone Valley Villages

2018 Coste Clavelle Rouge Côtes du Rhône-Villages
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This cuvée comes from the area around the Plan de Dieu, on a tray covered with rolled pebbles. These store heat and give it back to the grapes.

Coste Clavelle

Coste Clavelle
Grape variety: Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault, Mourvèdre, Carignan
Tasting: Easygoing and smooth
Alcohol level: 14.5 °

• Red wines are light and supple if produced on light soils. In this case, they should be drunk in the first 3 - 4 years and served with hot meat starters, white meats, soft cheeses ... If they are produced on clay soils. with pebbles, they are richer and more tannic. They have a fairly good shelf life, 3 to 6 years or more.

They accompany red meats, meats in sauce, game and soft, bloomy rind cheeses. Do not hesitate to combine them with more original dishes such as truffles and certain fish-based preparations.

• Whites should be served at around 10 ° C,
• Rosés between 10 and 12 "C,
• Red wines, the lightest should be served at 13/14 "C, the most powerful at around 15 ° C.

The Côtes du Rhône also produce early wines. These light wines owe their characteristics to a very short vatting period. They should be drunk Young and fresh