2019 Château Victoria Haut-Médoc Bordeaux

Château Victoria Haut-Médoc Bordeaux
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Im Haut-Médoc, am Rande von Saint-Estèphe, erstrecken sich die Weinberge von Châteaux Victoria, seit 1989 im Besitz der Familie Richard. Auf 20 Hektar Lehm-Sand-Parzellen gelegen, ist die Einzigartigkeit dieses Cru Bourgeois auf sein Terroir zurückzuführen. kleiner Bass. Ein gut gewählter Name für dieses Schloss, dessen Stil an den entspannten Lebensstil und die Eleganz Englands vergangener Zeiten erinnert.
Region: Bordeaux Appellation:Farbe: Weinrot.Rebsorte: 55 % Merlot, 45 % Cabernet Sauvignon
Rotwein. Leistungsstark und robust
Alkoholgehalt: 13%

Château Victoria Haut Medoc

In Haut-Médoc on the edge of Saint-Estèphe, extend the vines of Châteaux Victoria, property of the Richard family since 1989. Located on clay-sandy plots of 20 hectares, the singularity of this cru bourgeois is due to its terroir. small bass. A well-chosen name for this castle, whose style is reminiscent of the relaxed lifestyle and elegance of England of yesteryear. Since 2014, the family has benefited from the advice of Eric Boissenot, renowned oenologist of many Médoc crus classés, to help the cru progress in terms of viticulture, vinification and ageing, etc.

Careful vinification is carried out by isolating each plot. The maceration is long and lasts 3 to 4 weeks, which promotes the diffusion of tannins and the extraction of complex aromas of red fruits and undergrowth. Aging is carried out in oak barrels.

This wine is both full and structured. We find silky tannins in the mouth. The nose is complex with ripe fruit, spices and vanilla.

Service Tips:
Served at 17°C, this wine will go well with red meats, chicken in a pot, stuffed vegetables, large game or poultry.

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