Pinot noir Château Bouscassé
Pinot noir Château Bouscassé

2017 Pinot noir Château Bouscassé

2017 Pinot noir Château Bouscassé
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Alain Brumont: the Pinot Noir of Château Bouscassé

Outside Burgundy, the famous Pinot Noir grape variety has been registered for more than 200 years in the Hautes Pyrénées department (Château Montus). “1st replanting of Pinot Noir in the South-West” by Alain Brumont in 1996. It took 10 years of vinification and trials to find a style demanded by Alain Brumont: the Pinot Noir of Château Bouscassé. Another way to taste a Pinot Noir, a unique style, between Burgundy and Oregon according to the critics.

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Pinot Noir 100%

Clay-limestone soil, the clays of Château Bouscassé. North facing slope, cooler climate with West, East and North exposure.

Pinot noir from the South-West with its character, a beautiful substance. We find the characteristics of the grape variety, aromas of cherry, Morello cherry, small fruits. Elegant frame, well built, wine with character and a beautiful identity of the terroir of Château Bouscassé.

Food / Wine pairings
This Pinot Noir from the South-West goes well with trout from the Pyrenees, sautéed Marengo veal with orange zest or even black hen from Astarac Bigorre stuffed in a hay crust.