Champagne Amadéo
Champagne Amadéo

Champagne Brut Amadéo

Champagne Brut Amadéo
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A nervous and fresh Champagne, with a great finesse of bubbles. Nose of white flowers and citrus. Lively and frank attack, with a nice freshness.
Champagne amadeo

Gastronomy, Champagne and Party

How to drink chamapgne?
The champagne is drunk cool, between 7 and 9 "for the young champagne, and around 10 to 12 'for the vintage, so as to let the taste of wine exhale.
Some far-sighted people always have a cool bottle in their fridge, just in case .... So much for the surprise, but too bad for the wine which, if it stays too cold, risks being broken and lost a good part of his qualities.

Champagne and Mets
We can make a meal with champagne (preferably raw) from beginning to end.In our humble opinion, we have so many great wines, so well matched with each dish, it would be a shame not to vary the pleasures at during the meal, but it's a matter of personal taste.

As an aperitif, it is probably the best place to enjoy a champagne, when our taste buds are still receptive to the finesse of the nectar. As for the Kir made with a good champagne, we are not far from thinking that it is to insult the winemaker who has taken so much care to develop such a superb product. A muscadet or a crémant is just as good and cheaper.

We can not recommend cheeses such as Camembert or Vieux Lille with champagne. On the other hand, some dry goats are very comfortable with it. For dessert, a half-dry will close the feast. Again, we think that it is not the best place to enjoy champagne while the body is numb in a blissful bliss.

The glasses
The cup had long favored the drinkers of champagne, we find in antique shops and probably in the buffets of many bourgeois houses of splendid crystal bowls. But fashion changes, fortunately for good, and flutes or tulip-shaped glasses, preferably of fine crystal, are the most suitable forms to enhance the content and prevent the aromas from dispersing too quickly.

All about wine. Patrice Dard