2021 La Demoiselle sans Gêne Rosé Méditerranée IGP

2021 La Demoiselle sans Gêne Rosé
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Rosé La demoiselle sans gêne hat eine blasse Farbe und eine Pfirsichnase. Es ist knusprig, frisch und lecker.
La demoiselle sans gene 2020

The estate is located in the town of Aix-en-Provence, west of Puyricard. It covers 34 hectares of vines, but also cereal and fodder land and a few olive trees. The estate has been certified in organic farming for about 10 years. It faces south and benefits from a bright sky on a site where the Romans planted the first vines.
This wine has a pale color and a peach nose. It is crunchy, fresh and delicious.

Grapes: Cinsault, Syrah, Grenache
Taste and flavor: Crisp and dry
Alcohol content: 12.5°

It is to be served chilled, at 8-10°C, with Mediterranean or exotic cuisine with powerful aromas, but also with fine Corsican charcuterie, salads, grilled meats, or fish soup.