2014 Château le Bourdieu Vertheuil Haut-Médoc Bordeaux

2014 Château le Bourdieu Vertheuil Haut-Médoc
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Château Le Bourdieu-Vertheuil ging 1990 in den Besitz der Familie Richard über. Es wurden viele Investitionen in den Weinberg getätigt, um eine qualitativ hochwertige Ernte zu erzielen. Der Weinkeller wurde komplett erneuert und die Reifung erfolgt in Eichenfässern. Anlässlich der Wiedergeburt von Château Le Bourdieu wurde das Anwesen in Château Le Bourdieu-Vertheuil umbenannt.
Château le Bourdieu Vertheuil

Château Le Bourdieu-Vertheuil became the property of the Richard family in 1990. Many investments have been made in the vineyard to obtain a quality harvest. The vinification cellar has been completely redone and the aging takes place in oak barrels. To mark the rebirth of Château Le Bourdieu, the estate was renamed Château Le Bourdieu-Vertheuil. The area of the estate covers 50 hectares on a gravelly plateau.

Its nose reveals aromas of black fruits, blueberry, with woody notes of roasting. It has full and silky tannins.

Grape variety: 55% Merlot, 40% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Petit Verdot
Taste and flavor: Powerful and full-bodied
Alcohol content: 14°

It goes perfectly with chops or flank steaks with porcini mushrooms. To be enjoyed around 16-18°C.

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