This wine, mostly on the commune of the same name, also runs on those of Jullié. Pruzilly and Emeringes.Here, we love wine so much that the local river is called "The Bad" and a tasting cellar has been installed in a disused church, the counter supplanting the altar and the house of God thus becoming a Bacchus temple.Vin solid, fleshy farm, full-bodied and fruity, Juliénas de Noel Briday begins to express itself after 2 years and reaches its full maturity after 5 years of aging.

Juliénas wine Beaujolais capitans.La robe is ruby supported, the nose exudes floral aroma like peony; Added spicy notes as well as those of small red and black fruits (blackcurrant, raspberry ..).

2017 Juliénas Les Capitans Noel Briday