Listrac-Médoc & Médoc

The Medoc, which means "middle ground" is a vast near triangular island north-west of Bordeaux.It is located on the 45th parallel The vineyard is located on the left bank of the Gironde, on a length of about 80 km for an average width of 5 km. Located between two bodies of water (the estuary and the ocean), protected from the winds by the pine forest, this region benefits from a microclimate very conducive to the cultivation of the vine. Small temperature differences and a certain humidity of the atmosphere associated with the heat due to good sunshine make it possible to obtain excellent ripening.The vine occupies terroirs modeled in the form of small hills of gravel (pebbles on clay, limestone or sand bottoms). Soil poverty forces the plant to develop its roots deep down. which is excellent for the quality of the wine, as we have already seen. too fertile soils give common wines.
The Médoc is subdivided into two sub-regions: Haut-Médoc and Bas-Médoc, which extends the Haut-Médoc towards the Ocean. There is no A.O.C Low Médoc. Indeed, the latter could have a pejorative connotation. The wines of this region are sold under A.O.C. Medoc. There are eight A.O.C. for Médoc wines. They are presented either under A.O.C Médoc or under a A.O.C. communal

2010 Michel Lynch | Médoc Bordeaux