Château Citran Haut-Médoc Bordeaux

While walking in the park of the castle, it is obvious that the history of this one goes back well beyond the classification of 1855. Citran is indeed one of the oldest manors of Médoc. The Marquis de Donissan, allied several times to the family of France, reigned here for 600 years and did not abandon their castle until the middle of the 19th century. Since then, the management of the wine castle has experienced various hazards.
From enterprising men in generalized crisis, the surface of the vineyard oscillates from 90 hectares to less than 4. Everything returns to the order in 1945 with the Miailhe brothers. But a decade ago, a serious boost in the search for quality is made. By dint of work and colossal investments begun under the previous Japanese management, Citran joins the elite of Haut Medoc and crus bourgeois under the leadership of the new owners who do not lower the guard. Merlaut-Villars are major players in the Médoc. They are true connoisseurs of wine and terroir. Symbol of the renewal of this good old bourgeois, the young Céline Villars represents from now on the castle