Lupe Cholet Corton Charlemagne

2016 Corton-Charlemagne Grand Cru | Lupé-Cholet

2016 Lupé-Cholet | Corton-Charlemagne
1 x 750ml
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Tasting notes

It is of a pale, bright silver-gilt colour. In the nose, it is elegant, complex and concentrated, with spices including ginger and cinnamon, mixed currents, iris, lily, orange. On the palate, it is powerfull and stout, with very full body exalted by fine new oak.

Gastronomical suggestions Served at 12°C, it will accompany the finest fish and crustaceans in elaborate, creamy sauces, poultry in white sauces, delicate mild cheeses and foie gras when older.

Ageing potentia l More than 20 years.