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2015 Mercurey Rouge Les Villeranges Domaine Faiveley

2015 Faiveley Mercurey Les Villeranges
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Mercurey domaine la Framboisière THE VINTAGE
In 2015, the climatic conditions were extremely favorable and the vintage is characterized by remarkable richness and great typicity. Great vintage for aging.

This village of Côte Chalonnaise takes its name from the God Mercury (God of commerce). Mercurey is crossed by the Agrippa route which, in Roman times, linked Chalon-sur-Saône to Autun. Today, the wines of Mercurey make the reputation of this village throughout the world. Mercurey is one of the largest wine-growing towns in Burgundy with over 600 ha of vines.

ExpositionSouth East
Soils Clay-limestone
Pinot Noir
Characteristics of our plot
Area 6 ha 74 to 27 ca (16.66 Acres)

Planting year 1982, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2011

The grapes are cut and sorted by hand. The proportions of destemming and of the whole harvest vary according to each vintage. Two daily punching down operations are carried out to extract the color, tannins and aromas from the skin of the grapes. After 15 to 19 days of fermentation, the alcoholic fermentation ends. The drop wine is run off by gravity, while a slow and gentle pressing of the marc allows a press wine of great purity to be obtained. For 12 months, we age our wines in French oak barrels (10% of which are new) selected for the finesse of their grain and their moderate heating in our cellars with natural and constant humidity and temperature.

The color is a beautiful deep ruby. The nose opens with notes of fresh red fruit and spices. Pleasant to taste, this wine offers a round and fruity attack and then reveals fine and silky tannins. This wine, well balanced and with good aromatic persistence, will be appreciated by enlightened amateurs and will seduce neophytes.

Pairing Rib of beef marinated in thyme, platter of cold meats, reblochon croustine
Temperature 14 ° C to 16 ° C