Wine Shipping

We have special shipping discounts for orders above a certain quantity depending on your country. Please see the pricing page for more information. Click on the desired country for prices: delivery times vary depending on the destination and the carrier selected. Click on your country for estimated delivery time


For security reasons, some bottles are shipped in specific packaging. Indeed, thanks to adapted packaging, the bottles travel more safely, in order to avoid breakage and disappearances during transport. This is why the bottles are taken out of their original packaging. (Anti-shock and thermal protection thanks to the wedging which protects your bottles from shocks and temperature differences). However, if you wish to recover the original boxes, we will send you the wooden box for transport costs at your expense. For it ; contact us by mail

Delivery time
The company guarantees that deliveries will be made according to the conditions guaranteed by the carrier service providers (except in cases of force majeure within the meaning of case law), and indicated on the site or during the ordering process. Also, exceeding the delivery time cannot give rise to damages. Please inform the company by contacting customer service or by sending an email to Contact- Delivery times generally apply are 3 working days in France Excluding weekends and public holidays, calculated according to the registration of payment for the order. - Your bottles are packaged in perfectly adapted packaging and guaranteed in value against the risks relating to transport before being sent to you at the address of your choice. The reshipping costs due to the return of the goods sent which could not be consigned following the absence of the customer at the address specified in the order will be borne by the said customer plus any storage costs.

Receipt of goods :

It is essential that the person receiving the order checks the contents of the shipment before signing the carrier's slip. Any anomaly (missing, breakage, deterioration) must be clearly specified on the slip with the name and quantities of the missing or broken wines and be reported to the carrier by LR within 3 days of receipt. As soon as we become aware of the dispute by fax, post or e-mail (within a week at the latest), we will bring the insurance into play and reimburse you next, or replace the wines. Our responsibility stops as soon as the carrier has taken charge of the package, which will then be under the carrier's full responsibility. In no way can we be held responsible for shortcomings (breakage, deterioration, disappearance or theft) that may occur during delivery. (CARRIER) From the time our carrier takes charge, you are delivered to your home within 72 hours (working days for shipments within the European Community, subject to the time limits for deposit and except in cases of force majeure.) In the event of absence or impossibility of delivering your package (no guardian, etc.), your delivery person will leave a delivery notice mentioning the date and the address of the office where you can collect your package on presentation of proof of identity or fix a new passage

Incomplete or non-compliant delivery (due to the carrier)
It is possible that the package is damaged or that the contents thereof have been partially or totally stolen. If you notice such an error, please mention it on the carrier's voucher and refuse the product by sending it back to us accompanied by a report 170 called "spoliation report". In the event that you become aware of this error after the departure of the carrier, please report it to us by email at the address: CONTACT or by telephone within a maximum of 72 working hours following receipt of the order. your protest motivated by LRAR to the carrier, this within 3 days (not including public holidays). Incomplete or non-compliant delivery (due to the company). Despite the care taken in preparing orders, it is possible that a product is missing from it, or that an error has occurred during preparation. If you notice such an error, please report it to us as soon as possible and if possible within 72 working hours of receipt of the order. This report can be made by email to the CONTACT address or by telephone.

Lost, broken, damaged package:
In the event that a package is lost, broken or damaged by one of our carrier service providers, refuse the package, and please inform us as soon as possible. The company will conduct a survey of the services concerned. No reimbursement will be made in advance or without the approval of the insurer. Refunds will be made up to the insured value of the product "excluding transport costs".

Warning: formulas of the type "subject to unpacking" are automatically null and void.